Water and flood sensors

Water and flood sensors

Flooding sensors on the wall - type SZ1 to SZ4

  • Water leak signalization
  • Output transistor - SZ1, SZ2 
  • Output relay - SZ3, SZ4
  • Power supply 24VDC or 24VAC

Leaflead (PDF)

Flooding sensors on thw DIN bar - type DZ1 to DZ4

  • Water leak signalization
  • Output transistor - DZ1, DZ2 
  • Output relay - DZ3, DZ4
  • Power supply 24VDC or 24VAC
  • optional accessories - conductivity probe DS

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Level controllers RH1

Production terminated - the goods not available

  • Simple level switch with single control position
  • Simple level switch with double control position
  • Two independent level switches with single control position
  • Adjustable sensitivity (fluid resistance)
  • Adjustable time delay of ON and OFF

Leaflead (PDF)

REGMET s.r.o. - development, manufacture and sale of components for the measuring and control technology

We offer:

  • temperature, humidity, flooding and pressure sensors
  • industrial electronic thermostats
  • interior controllers and thermostats
  • transmitters and other devices suitable for air conditioning, heating control systems, energy, homebuilding, etc.

We produce temperature sensors which are fully compatible with control systems of following company: TECO, SIEMENS, SAUTER, SAIA, LANDIS & GYR, JOHNSON CONTROLS, TREND CONTROLS, AMIT, STAEFA CONTROLS etc.

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